By | April 3, 2020

In the past, most people only displayed artwork above a sofa. This trend is slowly changing as people have realized more fun ways of displaying art in their homes. Picking a quirky spot to display a piece of art can make it look more appealing in your home. It can also add character and warmth to the home. You only need to be creative with your art pieces for you to achieve such effects.

Start by placing a bold piece in your dining area. This can make family meals feel brighter as people enjoy bonding while admiring a beautiful piece of art during dinner. If you have young ones that have some colorful drawings, you could display them in the dining room for every other family member to admire. Poster paints also look classy when displayed well in the dining room.

Do you have a desk that you use to sort out your bills or work from? You can make it look lively by placing some small art pieces just above it. A wall full of art pieces behind such a desk can cheer you up or even add some inspiration as you use the desk. It can also make your tasks more pleasurable. Feel free to include a mix of colors as you display art behind a desk so that you can cheer the wall up.

Most people overlook the kitchen when hanging art. This area can be a perfect spot for you to display art pieces that may not fit in the living room. Go with bold colors if the walls of your kitchen are dull so that the art piece can stand out.

You can also utilize the wall next to your stairs for you to display some classic art pieces. For instance, if you have a bare wall under the stairs, you can transform it into a mini-art corner.  Consider placing some bright looking painting over a dark background. Alternatively, place a piece of art at the bottom part of the stairs. If you have been collecting art for years, you should take advantage of halls in your home to display them. This can help you express your personality to your guests and make your home feel more welcoming.

Some people also make use of the upstairs landing to showcase different sized paintings, prints, and photos. You can also add letterhead typography in such a space. This can make the wall look more appealing as opposed to leaving it bare. If you have a shed, you can redefine it with art. A backyard shed that is well decorated can be a great place for you to relax away from everyone else.

Place some colorful art above our bed so that it can boost your mood every morning. Ensure that you secure it safely so that it does not fall on the bed accidentally. If you are still at the stage of finding the best art for a particular spot in your home, contact Artists of the bay and get one that can fit perfectly.