By | April 3, 2020

If you have been attending art exhibitions for some time, you probably have come across an art piece that features biblical characters. Such pieces show that there is a connection between art and spirituality. While some artists create paintings and drawings expressing the beauty of nature, others specialize in religious paintings. Many religious centers today incorporate the second form of art for different reasons.

Religious paintings are mostly used to express religious principles of different groups. Such paintings have existed for centuries. In the past, artists who created spiritual art got their inspiration from economic and social realities. Most of the Christian pictures came into the limelight during the second century. During this period, inspired artists embraced Roman motifs to express Christian meanings. People from other religions such as Islam emulated this practice and started creating spiritual art in the 5th century. Socio-economic factors inspired Islamic artists.

Even though sculptures are an accepted form of spiritual art, most artists prefer painting to depict biblical personalities and events. Religious pictures are created to preserve history. Artists who specialize in spiritual art use different paintings to give us a better understanding of historical and biblical events. They make use of different textures, styles, and colors to bring history back to life. By choosing spiritual art, you can get a clear picture of past events.  For instance, the painting of Jesus on the cross is used to express the agony and suffering that he underwent to save humanity from sin.

Apart from preserving history, spiritual art is also used to depict specific moral messages. Most of the religious paintings that are hung on the walls of churches feature scenes from the bible. If you are passionate about art and take your time to analyze a religious picture, you can draw a message from it. For instance, when we focus on the same example of art featuring the crucifixion of Jesus, we can learn a lesson on humility. Some of the spiritual art pieces are also used for decorative purposes.

According to experts that have been studying spiritual art for long, religious paintings can create an atmosphere that connects your mind with the spirit. That is why some Islamic paintings are used during meditation. Some of the spiritual art pieces do not only depict personality and stories related to religious books but are also used to express the lifestyle of different religious groups. For instance, you may come across a religious painting that features Muslims in the mosque worship or Catholics celebrating a wedding.

Just like photographs, artists that come up with religious paintings make use of different colors to tell a story. Sometimes, spiritual art can be used to express creativity. Some of the religious paintings that are being made today capture details that are not necessarily found in history books. A good example is the painting of Jesus with a halo on his head. If you want to incorporate this form of art in your home or church, you can access a piece from arts and spirituality organization.